The Elevn Aero Alloy Pivotal Seat Post is made exclusively for the ChaseFrames with Aero Seat Tube.

Elevn introduces Aero System Shaping in his seat post and clamp into BMX racing. This is to not only to help gain fractions of a second on the track with improved aerodynamics, but the Aero System Shaping also offers a slightly stiffer feel. We know BMX bikes don’t need to go fully aero testing into a wind tunnel, but when races are won or lost by fractions of a second, every advantage will help.

Sizes :
25.4 x 250mm (Mini, Junior and Expert size frames)
27.2 x 250mm (Expert XL and above sized frames)

Weights :
25.4 : 167 g / 5.89 oz
27.2 : 181 g / 6.38 oz

Colors :
Black, Red, and Blue with white graphics
Polished with black, blue or red graphics