What to do if the situation arises if you cant get the perfect brake pad alignment on your BMX frame? Well, Elevn offers a solution with our Brake Adaptors!

Made from CNC’nd series aluminum, the Elevn brake post adaptors provide an extra 16 millimeters of brake positioning, allowing for greater range of rear wheel movement. These can be used to offer a solution or an alternative to switching frames when its time to switch wheel sizes from 1-1/8″ to 1.5″ or when your chain length makes it necessary for you to reposition your brakes to properly and safely reach the rim.

Include Chromo fixing bolt these come in black anodized only.

Size: One size fits all frames.
The Brake post extension mounts into your frames current brake post mount with the included hard wear.

Set Weight :
34 g / 1.2 oz