extremely lightweight but
still strong enough for BMX Racing.

Elevn Chromoly Handlebars are made with lightweight butted tubing. A butted tube is one where the outside of the tube is a constant diameter and the wall thickness varies, allowing to give the handlebars varying thicknesses in the areas where stress levels aren’t high under normal conditions. This is how Eleven is able to offer a bar that is extremely lightweight yet still strong enough for the normal conditions of BMX Racing.

SLT Handlebars

The standard SLT bend/sweep on the Elevn Chromoly bars offers most riders the comfort and feel needed to focus on better control around the track and specifically in rhythm and jumping sections. These have been the standard bend we have used since day one of the Eleven line of bars, and its been the bend that many Elite riders have been using for years, now its available direct from Elevn.


8.5" SLT handlebars

8.0" SLT handlebars

7.5" SLT handlebars

7.0" SLT handlebars

6.25" SLT handlebars

5.75" SLT handlebars

SLT FLAT Handlebars

The SLT FLAT Line of bars give you a flatter sweep on the bend of the bar area where your grips go. Some riders say this bend helps them with obtaining better gate starts and more control on the first straight, giving them an advantage to produce more power. The PRO and CRUISER sizes are all offered in the flatter sweep bar, under the SLT FLAT line.


8.5" SLT FLAT handlebars

8.0" SLT FLAT handlebars

7.5" SLT FLAT handlebars

7.0" SLT FLAT handlebars

6.25" SLT FLAT handlebars

5.75" SLT FLAT handlebars