Jun 2017

We are excited to now offer a line of Titanium bolts for many items for a racers bike. The Ti bolts and spokes are around half the weight of the stock bolts, if not more in some cases.
The bolts are straight replacements for items from Elven as well as other brands, such as Shimano DXR, ODI, and other brands.

Elevn Titanium bolts offered :
ELEVN titanium ODI lock on bolts M3.5x12x0.6 (x4)
ELEVN titanium ODI lock on bolts M4x12x0.7 (x2)
ELEVN titanium lever cable(x1)/reach(x1)/clamp (x1)
ELEVN titanium bolt/nut aero clamp M5x25 (x1)
ELEVN titanium chain ring bolt 8.5mm x 4mm (x4)
ELEVN titanium chain ring bolt 6.5mm x 4mm (x5)
ELEVN titanium bolt crank clamp M6x20 (x2)
ELEVN titanium brake fixing(x2)/shoe(x2)/cable(x1)
ELEVN titanium brake pivot bolt (x2)
ELEVN titanium chain tensioner bolt M6x45x1.0 (x2)
ELEVN titanium pivotal seat bolt M10x54 (x1)
ELEVN titanium stem bolts Pro M8x22x1.25 (x6)
ELEVN titanium stem bolts Mini M6x20x1.0 (x6)

Here is the list of the bolts and weight savings we now offer from Elevn

Elevn Titaninum bolts weights Stock Weight Ti Weights
Ti Elevn Aero QR Seat Clamp Bolt Stock : 9 grams Ti : 4 grams
Ti Elevn Stem Bolts For both Pro and Mini Stems (x6) Stock : 60 grams Ti : 39 grams
Ti Shimano DXR Crank arm bolts (as well as others) (x2) Stock : 10 grams Ti : 8 grams
Ti ODI lock on grip lock ring bolts (x4) Stock : 4 grams Ti : 3 grams
Ti Pivotal Seat Bolt (x1) Stock : 33 grams Ti : 15 grams
Ti Chain Ring Bolts (x5) Stock : 19 grams Ti : 12 grams
Ti Insight Chain tensioner bolt (x2) Stock : 20 grams Ti : 10 grams

Weights are based off of stock bolts from Eleven, Shimano, Insight, and ODI stock bolts.