External headsets

Fully CNC’d external headset with ultra smooth sealed bearings.

External headset alloy 6061 with light compressor custom kit with ultra smooth sealed bearings.
Each headset includes fully CNC’d alloy top cap, star nut and compression bolt.
feature 6061 CNC’ed ultra-light cups & 7075 alloy fork bearing race.
5 colors options : Black, Red, Blue, White, Polished

Weights :
1 1/8’’ : 3.3 Oz / 93 g
1’’: 2.9 Oz / 82 g

Today’s modern Mini / Junior BMX frames use 1-1/8’’ head tubes to keep the strength and consistency of tubing used on bigger frames.
The Elevn 1’’ converter Integrated headset lets you use a 1’’ fork on any bike with an 1 -1/8’’ integrated head tube, such as the Chase Mini and Junior frames. The 1’’ inner diameter cone will match your 1’’ steerer tube fork while the 1-1/8’’ Angular Contact Bearings will match your frame. This is very practical when a rider goes up one frame size, but doesn’t yet need to jump to the larger fork steerer tube.