Elevn racing knows its not always about how fast you can go, but sometimes its how fast you can slow down as well.

We are now offering Disc brake adaptors for the Chase ACT 1.0 and Chase RSP 4.0 frames. These new Chase frames are the first ones to be designed to accept Disc brakes and adaptors fit the specs needed by Chase to be able to safely add on a Disc brake option.

Disc BRAKE kits

 CHASE ACT 1.0 frames

CHASE RSP 4.0 frames

Disc Brake Rotors

120mm or 140mm with air vents

These brake adaptors may work with other frames, but have not been tested at this time. Always check with your frame Manufacture first before installing a disc brake, as some frames may not be able to except the brake adaptors or they could cause damage to the frame and be unsafe.