Sep 2016

We have updated our line of Chromoly Elevn Race forks with new graphics and a lighter top cap for the 7.0 line. With Forks in Mini/Junior, Expert, Pro, Pro Lite, Pro Lite 20mm, Pro lite 24″, Pro Lite 24″ 20mm, and in OS20 sizes, we have a fork for just about anyone.

We offer a full size range of 4130 Chromoly forks that are perfect for the high demands of a supercross track, but still light enough to keep your bike weight down has all new graphics. These are the same forks that Connor Fields won the Olympics with and that Joris Daudet won the USA BMX and UCI World Championship title with!



The 7.0 series of forks come with a pair of Elevn Headset speakers as well as a Elevn local cap.